Understanding Natural Oils in Your Dog's Skin

Understanding Natural Oils in Your Dog's Skin

Natural oils in a dog's coat are essential for healthy skin health. They play a crucial role in lubricating the coat, preventing dryness, and protecting against irritants.

Frequent Bathing

1. Over Bathing: Overbathing with harsh shampoos can strip away the natural oils, leaving the skin dry and vulnerable.

2. Jumbo Green's Mild Shampoos: Use Jumbo Green's Mild moisturising
shampoos for dogs, and aim to bathe your dog every 2-3 weeks based on their breed and activity level.

3. Jumbo Aloe Wash: It is a shampoo which has anti fungal properties. It is also a moisturizing shampoo that soothes the skin and any kind of inflammation. Aloevera & Vitamin E is effective against fungus and some skin allergies.

Harsh Shampoos and Skin Oils

1. Choosing the Right Shampoo: Choose shampoos formulated for dogs
and avoid those containing harsh chemicals to preserve the natural oils in
the skin.

2. Avoiding Skin Stripping: Using mild and gentle shampoos specifically made for dogs can help maintain the skin's natural oils.

Environmental Factors

1. Dry Weather: Dry weather and cold temperatures can deplete the skin's natural moisture and oils.

2. Protective Measures: Use a humidifier indoors during dry weather and
consider a moisturizing conditioner after bathing in cold weather.

3. Waterless Cleaning Foam: Consider using Jumbo Splash, a waterless cleaning foam that softens and smoothens the skin without affecting the natural oils on the dog's skin.

Signs of Oil Imbalance in Dogs

1. Dry, Flaky Skin: This is the most common sign that the natural oils have been stripped away.

2. Dull Coat: A healthy coat should be shiny and vibrant. A dry, oily coat can appear dull and lifeless.

Restoring Natural Oils

1. Reduce Bathing: Less is more when it comes to bathing your dog. Aim for infrequent baths with gentle Jumbo Green Shampoos.

2. Use Moisturizers: Apply natural oil or a moisturizing waterless cleaning foam like Jumbo Splash to restore the skin's natural balance.

3. Dietary Changes; Add Jumbo Feed plus probiotic multivitamin to the diet for restoring natural oils in the skin.

Jumbo Feed Plus Probiotic + Multi Vitamins + Amino Acids

Add this supplement to your dog's diet to restore the natural oil on the skin. It has various other benefits like digestion, nutrition absorption, restores coat health, improves immunity, reduces smell in stool, improves body condition etc.

Underlying Health Conditions

1. Identifying Health Conditions: Consult your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your dog's skin, as allergies, infections, and hormonal imbalances can disrupt the natural oil production.

2. Treating the Conditions: If an underlying health condition is found, treating the condition will help restore the natural oil balance in your dog’s skin.

Taking Care of Your Dog's Skin

1. A Holistic Approach: By understanding how natural oils are destroyed and how to restore them, you can help keep your dog's skin healthy and happy.

2. Nutrition and Care: Remember, a healthy coat starts from within, so provide your dog with a nutritious diet and regular veterinary care.

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