Understanding Your Dog's Skin Health

Understanding Your Dog's Skin Health

Dog skin health is a reflection of their overall well-being. Sebaceous glands in their skin secrete sebum, an essential oil that forms a protective barrier and maintains the skin's hydration. The balance of natural oils is critical to your dog's comfort and appearance.

The Formation and Function of Natural Oils in Dogs

1. Role of Sebum: Sebum (natural oils) plays an integral part in maintaining skin elasticity and defending against external irritants. Its oily nature waterproofs the skin and fur, allowing dogs to stay dry and warm.

2. Influencing Factors: Genetics and breed-specific traits significantly influence natural oil production levels, while factors like aging and hormonal changes dynamically alter the oiliness over a dog's lifetime.

3. Optimal Health Indicator: A well-balanced natural oil production is usually a good sign of health, indicating proper nutrition and the absence of underlying medical conditions.

Natural Shedding and Maintenance of Natural Skin Oils

1. Natural Shedding: With the natural turnover of skin cells, natural oils is shed, taking with it dirt and potential pathogens to keep the skin clean and healthy.

2. Grooming Importance: Regular brushing encourages natural oil distribution, aiding in its natural shedding cycle and enhancing the skin's shine.

3. Bathing Practices: Moisturising shampoos support the skin's oil balance, especially when bathing routines are kept to a dog's specific needs ( 1 0r 2 times a month).

Understanding the Absence of Natural Oils in Dogs

1. Health Conditions: Issues like allergies and hormonal imbalances can disrupt normal oil production, requiring a veterinarian’s intervention to treat.

2. Dietary Impact: Nutritional deficiencies, particularly in essential fatty acids, directly affect skin health and need to be corrected with a well-rounded diet.

3. Over-Grooming: Excessive bathing and the use of harsh shampoos can damage the protective oil barrier, thus necessitating gentle grooming products.

Effects of Reduced Natural Oils on Dog Skin and Coat

1. Dry and Flaky: Itchiness and irritation result from depleted moisture, causing discomfort and potential inflammation.

2. Compromised Skin Barrier: Without protective sebum, dogs are more susceptible to infections due to unshielded skin.

3. Dull Coat: Lack of oils leads to a loss of luster and a rough texture in your dog's fur.

Diet and Supplements for Restoring Natural Skin Oils

1. Supplements: Add Jumbo feed plus Pet probiotic multivitamin to your dog’s diet to boost skin oil replenishment and overall skin health.

2. Nutrition: Ensure your dog’s diet has fatty acids, crucial for oil production and thus maintaining skin and coat health.

Optimal Bathing and Grooming Practices

1. Bathe Wisely: Bathe your dog only when necessary, opting for Jumbo Glo & Jumbo Tic Pet shampoos to nourish and condition the skin.

2. Brushing Routines: Regular brushing not only detangles the fur but also stimulates oil glands and removes any accumulated debris.

3. Aftercare: Utilize products like Jumbo Splash post-brushing to maintain a fragrant coat and support skin health with its beneficial ingredients.

Final Thoughts on Dog Skin Care

Use Jumbo Tic shampoo or Jumbo Glo shampoo to give your dog a fragrant moisturising bath. Brush the coat regularly and apply Jumbo Splash Aloevera waterless coal cleaning product. Add Jumbo Feed Plus probiotic to your dog's diet and ensure complete nutrition and health that results in a beautiful hair and skin.

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