Unpleasant Odour in Dogs?

Unpleasant Odour in Dogs?

If your dog has an unpleasant odor, there are various potential reasons behind it. Let's explore some common culprits and helpful solutions.

Possible Skin Concerns

1. Yeast Infections: Yeast or bacterial infections, often around the ears, paws, or folds in the skin, can cause a musty smell. 

2. Skin Allergies: Environmental or food allergies can lead to excessive scratching and skin inflammation, creating a stale odor.

3. Seborrhea: This condition disrupts the natural oil balance in the skin, leading to an oily, yeasty smell.

Possible Digestive Issues

1. Dental Problems: Bad breath and rotten gums can contribute to overall dog odor.

2. Anal Gland Issues: Impacted anal glands, typically located near the base of the tail, can release a fishy or foul odor.

3. Indigestion & Dietary Sensitivities: Upset stomachs and food intolerances can cause gas and unpleasant bowel movements, impacting your dog's smell.

Other Potential Causes

1. Rolling in Something Smelly: Sometimes, the culprit is simply a stinky encounter with something outdoors!

2. Wet Dog Smell: Even clean dogs can have a distinct "wet dog" smell when their fur is damp.

Investigating the Source of Odor

1. Thorough Sniff : Notice the location and intensity of the odor to identify the likely source.

2. Examine Skin & Coat : Look for redness, irritation, or signs of infection on your dog's skin.

3. Monitor Behavior : Observe any changes in appetite, digestion, or scratching habits.

Consulting a Veterinarian

Professional Advice: Your veterinarian can perform a proper examination, diagnose the cause of the odor, and recommend appropriate treatment.

Solutions for Bad Smell due to Digestive Issues


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Solutions for Skin Infections

Jumbo Splash Waterless Foam Cleanser for Dogs
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Jumbo Tic Shampoo

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