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Jumbo Calcium + Vitamins Cattle 1 Ltr

Jumbo Calcium + Vitamins Cattle 1 Ltr

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Unleash Peak Milk Production with Jumbo Calcium: A Low-Dose Powerhouse

Jumbo Calcium isn't just a calcium supplement; it's a revolutionary formula unlocking optimal milk production. Here's what sets it apart:

Exceptional Efficiency:

  • Potent Dose: Unlike traditional calcium powders requiring 50-100ml/day, Jumbo Calcium delivers outstanding results with just 10ml per cow and 5ml per goat daily.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: At less than Rs. 4 per cow per day compared to Rs. 8-15 for other supplements, Jumbo Calcium offers exceptional value for money.

Beyond Calcium:

  • Bioavailable Calcium and Phosphorus: Ensures efficient absorption and utilization for strong bones and maximized milk production.
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Provides complete nutritional support for healthy milk synthesis.

Holistic Support:

  • Milk Letdown Boost: Specially formulated herbs promote smooth milk flow and minimize milking stress.
  • Optimized Production: Stimulates milk production, leading to a noticeable increase in milk quantity.
  • Enhanced Quality: Witness richer, tastier milk with improved fat content and overall quality.

Hormonal Harmony:

  • Hormonal Functions Support: The herbal blend assists in hormonal regulation, ensuring consistent and sustainable milk production.

Simple and Effective:

  • Convenient Dosage: Easy-to-measure doses eliminate guesswork and simplify feeding.
  • Seamless Integration: Mix seamlessly with your existing feed for effortless daily administration.

Jumbo Calcium: Experience the power of a low-dose, high-impact solution for increased milk quantity, superior quality, and a thriving dairy operation.


Cow: 10 ml/day ( if production is more than 15 litre per day , give 20 ml)

Goat/Pig: 5 ml/day

Rabbit: 3 ml/day








A high-quality, bio-available calcium and phosphorus supplement, Jumbo Calcium can help animals increase /optimize milk production.

The product also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, which further support milk production.

Additionally, the herbs in Jumbo Calcium assist with milk let down and milk production, optimizing both the fat content and quality of milk produced.

The herbs in the products assist in hormonal functions, milk let down and milk production

Easy & Complete Milking:

Increase in milk Quantity and Quality


100 Ml Contains:  Calcium 6100 mg, Phosphorus 3050 mg, ,Vit A 45000 IU,Vit D3 12000 IU, Vit B12 100 mcg, Vit E 150000mcg, Copper 500 mg Zinc 1500 mg, Carbohydrate 40000 mg, Sodium 325 mg, Idoine 200 mg, Leptadena reticulata 1gm, Silybium marianum 500 mg, Pureria merifica 200 mg, Silymarin 200 mg,Piper logum 400 mg, Asparagus 100 mg


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