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Jumbo Calcium & Multivitamins for Pets

Jumbo Calcium & Multivitamins for Pets

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Jumbo Calcium is a bioavailable calcium supplement enhanced with essential multivitamins and minerals, specifically designed for optimal bone and joint health, growth, lactation, and overall energy in dogs and cats.


  • Strong Bones and Teeth: Calcium, the primary building block, ensures proper bone density and tooth strength throughout life.
  • Muscle Function and Nerve Impulses: Calcium facilitates proper muscle movement and nerve signal transmission, enabling agility and responsiveness.
  • Blood Clotting and Heart Health: Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting and regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Metabolic Processes: Supports diverse bodily functions like enzyme activity, cell membrane stability, and hormone secretion, maintaining optimal metabolism.

Targeted Benefits:

  • Puppies & Kittens: Jumbo Calcium provides the needed calcium to support their rapid growth and development.
  • Lactating Mothers: Enhances milk production after litter, ensuring sufficient nourishment for offspring.
  • Adult Maintenance: Offers a consistent calcium supply for continued bone strength and overall health.

Unique Advantages:

  • Bioavailable Formula: Ensures efficient absorption and utilization of calcium by the body.
  • Multivitamin and Mineral Blend: Eliminates the need for additional supplements, providing complete nutritional support.

Jumbo Calcium:

  • Comprehensive and convenient solution for your pet's calcium needs.
  • Promotes strong bones, teeth, and a healthy metabolism.
  • Supports key life stages like growth and lactation.

Invest in Jumbo Calcium for your pet's lifelong health and vitality!

   Discover the remarkable benefits of Jumbo Calcium, a bioavailable calcium supplement enriched with essential multivitamins and minerals. Specially formulated for dogs and cats, this comprehensive supplement supports various aspects of your pets' health, including growth, bone & joint strength, lactation after litter, and overall energy. With its precise dosage and powerful blend of nutrients, Jumbo Green Calcium offers a complete solution for promoting optimal well-being in your furry friends.

Growth & Bone Strength: Nurturing Strong Bones and Healthy Growth:

Jumbo Calcium plays a vital role in fostering healthy growth and bone strength in puppies and kittens. Its bioavailable calcium content ensures that these young companions receive the necessary nutrients to develop robust bones, supporting their active lifestyles and preventing common bone-related issues. Embrace the journey of witnessing your pets flourish with strong skeletal structures and improved overall growth.

Lactation After Litter: Supporting Mothers and Their Offspring:

For lactating mothers, Jumbo Calcium offers valuable support during the crucial phase of nursing. By enhancing milk production, this supplement helps ensure that newborns receive the vital nourishment they need to thrive. Experience peace of mind as you witness healthy, well-fed puppies and kittens, thanks to the nurturing properties of Jumbo Calcium.

Complete Supplement: Holistic Care for Your Pets:

Jumbo Green Calcium offers more than just bone support; it is a comprehensive supplement that caters to various aspects of your pets' well-being. Beyond bone health, this supplement promotes healthy digestion, supports skin and coat care, and serves as a liver tonic, enhancing overall vitality and immunity. Give your pets the gift of complete and holistic care with Jumbo Green Calcium.

Dosage Instructions: Precise and Tailored to Your Pet's Needs:

Administering Jumbo Calcium is easy and convenient, with a recommended dosage of only 2 to 7ml per day based on your pet's body weight and age. Consult the packaging or consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate dosage for your furry companion. This tailored approach ensures that your pets receive the optimal amount of nutrients for their specific requirements.


Calcium-4100 mg , Phosporus-1050mg, ,Vit A- 45000IU, Vit D3- 12000IU,Vit B12- 100mcg,Vit E150000mcg,Copper- 500mg Zink- 1500 Mg,Carbohydrate -40000mg Sodium-325 mg,Idoine-200mg,Leptadena reticulate-1gm,Silybium marianum-500mg,Pueria merifica-200mg,Piper logum-400 mg,Asparagus-100 mg.

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