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Jumbo Feed Plus Cattle 500 gm (Probiotic Mineral Mixture)

Jumbo Feed Plus Cattle 500 gm (Probiotic Mineral Mixture)

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Jumbo Feed Plus is a revolutionary probiotic mineral mixture designed to optimize animal health and productivity. Here's how it stands out:

Reduced Dosage, Enhanced Benefits:

  • Just 10gm per day per cow: Unlike other mineral mixtures requiring 50-100gm, Jumbo Feed Plus delivers powerful results with a significantly lower dosage.
  • Probiotic Powerhouse: Eight effective probiotics improve digestion, boost milk fat and rumen health, and enhance immunity.
  • Essential Nutrients: Packed with chelated calcium and phosphorus, essential vitamins, and amino acids for complete nutrition.

Unlocking a Range of Benefits:

  • Increased Milk Production: Witness a significant rise in milk quantity and fat content due to improved feed conversion rate (FCR).
  • Enhanced Digestion and Energy: Optimal digestion leads to efficient nutrient absorption, resulting in increased energy levels for your animals.
  • 20% Growth Boost: Reduced feed wastage through improved digestion translates to a 20% growth increase in your livestock.
  • Stronger Immunity: Probiotics and essential nutrients strengthen your animals' defense system, reducing the risk of infections.
  • Healthy Appearance: Witness a radiant skin coat, bright eyes, and firmer dung, indicating overall well-being.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Jumbo Feed Plus offers exceptional value for money with its low daily dosage and significant benefits.

Simple and Effective:

  • Convenient Dosage: Just 10gm per cow and 5gm per goat per day makes feeding effortless.
  • Easy to Mix: Simply blend it with your existing feed for optimal results.

Jumbo Feed Plus: Invest in your animals' health and unlock their full potential with this powerful, cost-effective probiotic mineral mixture.

Jumbo Feed Plus is a probiotic mineral mixture that is designed to help animals better digest their feed and receive the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids they need for complete nutrition.

It contains eight effective probiotics that improve digestion, increase milk fat and rumen health, and boost immunity.

It also includes essential minerals such as chelated calcium and phosphorus, as well as essential vitamins and amino acids.

• Improves Milk production (quantity).

Increases Fat and SNF of milk due to improved FCR.

Helps in digestion.

Cow becomes energetic.

Ensuring 20% of increase in growth by eliminating feed wastage.

Immunity power will increase.

Shining skin coat, Eyes will become sharp and   bright.

Cow dung will be normal and not too loose which helps in storing and converting into organic manure

Value for money ( cost/day/cow is very low)



100 GM contain: 

Lactobacillus acidophilus 1X1011, Lactobacillus casie 1X1011,Lactobacillus plantarum 1X1011,Bacillus megaterium 1X1011, Bacillus coagullans, Ascorbic acid,Calcium,Phospohorous, Potassium, Minerals-coppewr, Iron,Cobalt,Manganese, Potash,Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin A, D and E ,Excipients,Plant Extracts,Amino Acids: E,L methionine -100 mg, L lysine – 170 mg, Amylase—1500FCCU,Cellulase-3500EMCU,Xylanse, Papain.

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