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Dr. Romas Homeopathy



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Vomi Pet helps to manage vomiting caused due to cough, indigestion or fever. It gives relief from minor symptoms and makes your pet comfortable.
  • Controls vomiting caused by any reason
  • Gives relief from minor symptoms related to it
  • Easy to give and administer
  • Gentle on animals
  • Economical and very cost-effective
  • It may help give relief from other minor symptoms
  • These pills have a long shelf life
  • It is safe and does not have side effect

Key Ingredients:

      • Cantharis 30 HPI
      • Terebinth oleum 30 HPI

      Directions For Use:

      • Give 10 pills at a time in the lid of the bottle give directly in the mouth or give with roti
      • 10 pills 3-4 times a day
      • In severe cases 10 pills in 2 glasses of water
      • Give 10 ml every ½ hour
      • Keep 30 minutes time interval between two doses
      • Keep a one-hour gap with any other medicine
      • Or as advised by your vet

      Safety Information:

      • Read the label carefully before use
      • Keep the lid tightly closed after use
      • Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Use under medical supervision


      Book your Dr. Roma’s Homeopathy medicine in this site . The product will be dispatched to you directly from Dr. Roma’s Homeopathy outlet in Anand to your address. 

      For cash on delivery an additional charge of Rs. 40 will be charged.

      To Order Prepaid:

      You could make your payment directly to Dr. Roma’s Homeopathy:

      UPI id: romaantani@oksbi

      The scan code for payment is provided in the picture.

      Once you make your payment send the payment proof (screen shot) to:

      WhatsApp number: 8714001053

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